BedroomEvery room is decorated and furnished with a home-like atmosphere. We encourage our guests to make their room their own. Bringing items or memorabilia from home to add that personal touch.


Dining is an extremely important part of everyone’s day. Our Executive Chef specially prepares our meals and room service is available when needed. A private dining room is also available if your family and friends want to join you for a more intimate meal or to throw you a party.

Family Visits

You are always welcome at Applewood Nursing Center. There are no specific visiting hours. You and your family are welcome to visit anytime; it is your home. A No Set Visiting Hours policy is just another Applewood difference.

Recreational Activities

AmenitiesA variety of activities and amenities are important to health and happiness. The Social Services and Activities Department design programs and entertainment that encourage the participation of not only our guests, but also family members. Some of the best ideas come from our community members. Your calendar can stay as filled as you choose with arts & crafts, trivia, musical entertainment, exercise classes, religious services and outings within community, just to name a few.

Those Things You Still Enjoy Doing and Shouldn’t Be Without

Fresh popcorn? It’s a very familiar aroma at Applewood; we pop it fresh daily. Should you need a haircut, trim, manicure or afternoon at the salon? Applewood has its own Hair & Nail Salon available to all of our guests.

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