Consider Our Finest Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation Programs 1If you’re looking for rehabilitation options, then you’ll want to consider Applewood Nursing Center. Why? Because we offer the area’s finest rehabilitation program and services. With our state-of-the-art physical, speech and occupational therapy programs, you’ll discover why others choose our exclusive Send ‘Em Home Therapy Program for their therapy needs.

Whether it is an illness, stroke, broken hip, heart or pulmonary condition, most of our guests have a recently acquired disability that may prevent them from immediately returning home after a hospital stay. This is where Applewood Nursing Center can help.

Build a Personal Program with Our Therapists

Rehabilitation Programs 2Our guests participate in a therapy program, which is individually tailored to improve their function and abilities. Physical therapy helps guests increase their strength, balance and mobility. Occupational therapy help guests maneuver through daily living and to care for themselves. Speech therapy helps guests improve their ability to communicate. Our skilled, licensed therapists work together to develop a personal program for every guest.

Applewood’s Send ‘Em Home Therapy includes visits to The Cottage. Our Cottage has all the furniture and fixtures of a real house. The trained, professional Occupational Therapists know just how to use this home-like setting to assist guests to safely and successfully perform basic tasks, like cooking, washing clothes, and making their own bed, just like they will be doing when they return home.

Surroundings are also therapeutic and Applewood’s therapy rooms are created to be motivating and inspirational. Our therapy Gym is filled with brilliantly colored paintings.

One of the most important things to remember is that YOU have a choice. Choosing the right place for your therapy needs can make all the difference. But don’t take our word for it. Why not come out and take a look for yourself? After all, seeing is believing!

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